Tuesday, January 22, 2013

La Pascualita - Dead Bride


Mannequins are weird and creepy on their own, but if you add a spooky legend as the one behind the Pascualita De Chihuahua… and you got yourself a subject for nightmares. The Pascualita is supposedly not a real mannequin, but a very well-preserved dead body, and we have the pictures that might actually prove that myth. Let’s check out the story of this weird corpse bride and see other weird mannequins.

La Pascualita De Chihuahua

This mannequin looks fantastic from afar, but once you get a little closer, you will notice some very startling details that will spook you out and cast away the magical gaze of Pascualita. This mannequin is also known as Little Pascuala and she is the star attraction of Chihuahua, Mexico. Why is a mannequin such a crowd-drawer? Well, she’s very special, the first reason is the fact that this bridal-shop dummy has lived in the window of a store in Chihuahua for over 80 years… and that is very unheard of.

Well, sure, once you get past the amazing age of the mannequin, the other thing that strikes you is the bizarre gaze this model has. It is very life-like due to the stare, the natural hair and… last, but not least, the urban myth behind it. Legend has it that Little Pascuala is not just your average window-display mannequin, but actually, the very well-preserved dead body of the first shop owner.

The alleged perfectly preserved corpse was first displayed on March 25, 1930, along with a gorges wedding gown. Immediately, the window-casing drew a crown, not just because the dress was fabulous, but also, due to the fact that the mannequin on display looked almost human, but more importantly, it bared a great resemblance to the owner’s dead daughter. Sure, we’ve seen life-like mannequins, but the problem with this one is that Pascuala Esparza, the shop-owner’s daughter, had tragically died on her wedding day, after being bitten by a Black Widow spider…

The grieving owner of the boutique, found her daughter dead and was supposedly not willing to let her daughter take her place into the realm of the dead, so instead, she had her daughter embalmed and put up at the display window of her store, where she could see people walking by… Okay, so if that isn’t even remotely weird, things get even worse… Visitors of the shop claim that on many occasion, they find themselves pursued by the mannequin’s frightful glass look. Also… La Pascualita has been known to change positions over night, even tho the shop is locked under key, and no workers stay there during night hours.

See above, the photo of the shop owner, and the mother of the corpse-bride mannequin

If up till now, all of the info on the corpse-bride seems to be a hear-tell urban legend, the shocking testimony comes from the shop-workers… Some of which are not very happy, especially if they are the ones who have to be the last to leave the store and lock up, or the ones who are assigned to change the bizarre, spooky bride. Despite the fact that all the employees have a non-disclosure policy, some have stated very gruesome facts about La Pascualita.

The workers claim that the corpse-bride grins subtlety when they look at her, and others says that she is warm to the touch. One shop employee even claimed that the mannequin’s hands got sweaty every time she tried to adjust it. Have a close look at the mannequin’s hands in the picture below… Not only do they look exactly human, but they also have the small depressions and skin-wrinkles we get from bending our fingers, and other various hand-movements.

The mannequin’s changed twice a week, behind closed doors (why all the secrecy?). Sonia Burciaga, is one of the women who were in charge of changing the wedding gown, and she declared that:

“Every time I go near Pascualita my hands break out in a sweat. Her hands are very realistic and she even has varicose veins on her legs. I believe she’s a real person.”

While many who see this weird mannequin believe that it is indeed a very well-preserved dead corpse, many people on the internet argue that it is not really that easy to preserve human flesh this well… I guess we will never know the truth, as long as a full and through examination of the mannequin will be allowed by the shop-owners.

See an amazing video of the corpse-bride below, the video includes footage of the corpse bride smiling, or better said, grinning for the cameras…

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