Friday, August 21, 2015

Lake Peigneur Sinkhole

This video is amazing.

Basically, back in 1980, an oil drilling company drilled down through a lake and accidentally drilled into an underground mine. The lake started draining into the mine and created a sinkhole that sucked the whole town into it.

Onean Boards - Jetsurfing

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Transformers Mythology - The 13 Primes

The 13 Primes

The original 13 were creations of Primus, the creator god of the entire Transformers race. Primus had been in a stalemate with his evil sibling, the dark god Unicron, so he created the 13 to assist him in his campaign against the dark god. With the help of the 13, Primus knocked Unicron into unconsciousness. Unfortunately, the contact with the chaos bringer tainted the Primes, which would later lead to conflict. As to restore his own power and avoid the detection of Unicron, Primus entered a sleep like state and became the future home of the Transformers: Cybertron. (pictured is the 13 around the Well of All Sparks)

Prima- The First of the Primes

The first Transformer of Cybertron and leader of the 13. He wields the Star Saber, a massive blade with the Matrix of Leadership in the hilt of the Blade.
(It should be noted, the Star Saber from Transformers: Armada is not the same Star saber that Prima held. It was named after the real blade and paled into comparison to Prima's weapon.)
After the defeat of Unicron, Prima helped create the laws and rules of the new civilization on Cybertron. Liege Maximo would later discover that Prima had created a list of the other Primes, listing the likelihood that they would turn to chaos. The other Primes had a vote to remove him from leadership, where the deciding vote was Solus'. She sided with Prima, even though she did not agree with what he did, his intentions were reasonable.

Vector Prime- The Keeper of Time

Vector Prime wields the Blades of Time, which could manipulate time and space to the holders will. After he found that his brothers had been scheming and backstabbing, he created a pocket dimension and stayed there until Optimus Prime found his blade and contacted him.

Alpha Trion- the Record Keeper

Alpha Trion was Cyberton's overseer, and kept records on everything that happened in the world. Trion holds the Quill and the Covenant of Primus. His tools allow him to write about the past, present, and future, but he writes in languages long forgotten and in tongues not yet known. Trion has a direct connection to Primus, giving him near perfect recall. During a fight between the Primes, Trion was knocked out, only to wake up finding Liege Maximo blasted apart and Onyx Prime mortally wounded. After the other Primes left, Trion and Alchemist left their leadership roles to help guide the young Transformers civilization. He would be the mentor to the young Orion Pax, the bot who would one day become the legendary Optimus Prime.

Solus Prime- The Smith

Known to have a kind heart but a fiery temper, Solus Prime was loved by the other Primes. She wielded the Forge of Solus Prime, which helped her create the weapons of the Primes, including the Star Saber and Requim Blaster. She would forge these weapons in the center of stars. She was the first female Transformer, and thus the template for all female Transformers who came after her. After Unicron had been taken care of, Solus and Megatronous became very close. Unfortunately, Megatronous was tricked by Liege Maximo...

So he did what any hot head would do and killed Solus. When Megatronous showed up, he killed Solus' pet (which was a gift from Liege Maximo), and thus infuriated Solus. Megatronous accidentally shot her. Her body began to glow, and opened the core of Cybertron, this creating the Well of All Sparks.

Micronus Prime- The First Mini-con

Micronus is the smallest of the Primes and was the groups "onscience". Micronus had the unique ability to empower his siblings using the Chimera Stone. He could also use the stone to mimic his siblings abilities. He was good friends with Onyx Prime. When Onyx later entered the Well of All Sparks, Micronus accompanied him and sacrificed himself to give the Well power to create new life. Much later, Optimus Prime would enter the Realm of the Primes, where Micronus would assist the Autobot Commander.

Alchemist Prime- The Alchemist

the most balanced of the Primes, Alchemist was a student of nature. He used the Lenses to help him see further than any other being (spiritually and physically). Unlike the other Primes who left Cybertron, Alchemist stayed with Alpha Trion to help guide the young Transformers. After the civilization had been set up, he left to pursue Liege Maximo ( who should have been dead... but screw continuity, right?)

Nexus Prime- The First Combiner

Nexus Prime or the "Wizard of Forms" was all about change. He is considered the best combiner of all time, able to to merge any robots into any form at will or separate himself into independent components instantly. Nexus held the Enigma of Combination, which allowed him to create new combiners. Nexus was highly unpredictable and had a sense of humor. He had a fascination with changing states of matter and the creation of elements inside stars. Solus had special feeling s for Nexus do to his fascination with creation and change earning him the ire of both Megatronous and Liege Maximo. When SOlus Prime was killed, Nexus took many of her creations. Nexus took one weapon, the Cyber Caliber, split into his component parts (Clocker, Mainspring, Chaindrive, Pinion, and Cannonspring) and hid the weapon away by moving his components to separate colony worlds. Only with the Blades of Time (held by Vector Prime in his little dimension) could the Cyber Caliber be brought back together. What happened to the Star Saber is unknown as well. All but Cannonspring forgot their mission.

Onyx Prime- the Beast

Onyx was the first Transformer to have a beast mode and was the bearer of the Triptych mask. It had three faces on it. Cool I guess? He held a deep fondness for Solus. Onyx, along with Micronus, would sacrifice himself to ignite the Well of All Sparks, thus allowing life to flourish on Cybertron.

Amalgamous Prime-- The Shifter

Amalgamous Prime was a prnakster and master of change. Sure, all Transformers can, well, transform, but Amalgamous takes this idea to a whole new level. He could change instantly and would assume many different forms. He could even change his sate of matter! He had a Scythe that changed as often as he did, and had the first transformation-cog. After the death of Solus, Amalgamous left Cybertron for parts unknown. the Transformers known as "Shifters" are somehow related to him. Eons later, his T-cog was discovered and mutated the bots who found it, giving them the same abilities as Amalgamous. They were dubbed "Mutacons".

Quintus Prime- The Scientist

Quintus was a bot of science. He was an idealist, perfectionist, and dreamer. Quintus believes that all life is important. Quitnus wields the Emberstone, which accelerates biological growth in base elements. Quintus helped Liege create his beasts, but refused to take any responsibility for the creation of the beasts. After the Primes had gone their own ways, Quintus went to seed life in the universe. he intended to create a peaceful civilization, stopping at the metal rich planet Quintessa. He created the Quintessons, who turned out more manipulative than peaceful. What happened to Quintus is unknown, but he was probably disposed of by his creations.

Liege Maximo- The Manipulator

Totally not Loki. NO idea why you would say that. Silly...
Liege Maximo is the Strategist of the Primes and wields the Legian Darts. What these darts do? Not a clue. Always hit the center of the board?
After Unicron was dealt with, Liege focused on storing,mining, and refining energon (the life blood of the Transformers race). He grew resentful of his brethren and ultimately led to the group fracturing. He discovered Prima's list, and around the same time was experimenting and creating robotic monstrosities. these beasts became the center of conflict among the Primes. Liege wanted some armor as to protect himself from the beasts he made, but Solus refused to hand it over. Liege convinced Megatronous to retrieve the armor, leading to the death of Solus. As it tuns out, the pet that he gave Solus was monitoring her the whole time. Megatronous confronted Liege with the other Primes, was attacked by Liege's beasts, and ultimately *probably* killed the trickster... I mean manipulator.

Here Is what the Liege looked like in the Generation 2 comics. Less Loki, more Cthulhu. In this iteration, he claimed to be the ultimate evil and enemy of good.

Megatronous Prime- The Fallen

Name sound familiar? the infamous Decepticon Megatron took Megatronous' name in honor of the "first Decepticon" (although Megatronous Prime never actually was a Decepticon since the movement came much later) and ran with it.
Megatronous was a warrior from his creation, and wields on of the most powerful weapons of the Primes: the Requiem Blaster. Megatonous had the closest connection with Unicron and thus helped Solus create weapons to use against the dark god. He had a short fuse, but he and Solus developed a deep relationship after Unicron was defeated. His temper would later backfire (heh) and Liege Maximo convinced him that Solus was secret betraying him Megatronous confronted Solus and accidentally shot her with the Requiem blaster, killing her. Megatronous would go into the wilds until the other Primes found him. Megatronous confessed to the crime, but said he would kill Maximo for setting him up. Liege was later found dead, all that was known was that he was blown apart by the Requiem Blaster. Megatronous renamed himself "the Fallen", donned Solus' armor and exiled himself to space.

Optimus Prime- The Mediator

Optimus, or Thirteen, was the last of the original 13 to be created. Upon his creation, he greeted his siblings with "all are one". Optimus held no tools or weapons, using only his encouraging words to help his brothers defeat the chaos bringer. Optimus held a spark uniquely similar to Primus himself. After Unicron had been defeated, Optimus was the voice of reason among the Primes.After the conflict following the death of Solus, Optimus carried Onyx down to the Well of All sparks along with Micronus. Optimus was reborn as Orion Pax with no memory of his past. Alpha Trion sensed his brothers spark (the soul/heart) in the young Orion, and took him under his wing. Alpha removed all references Optimus in the Covenant of Primus so he could only be found in the most dire of circumstances. Orion would one day become the Supreme Autobot Commander, Optimus Prime.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Homeless man with golden radio voice


The homeless man with the "golden radio voice" wanted a second chance -- and did he ever get it.

As soon as Ted Williams, a panhandler who became an online hit after video of him begging on an Ohio roadside was posted to the Internet, appeared on a local radio show this morning the offers began pouring in -- including a dream job with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a free house.

"The Cleveland Cavaliers just offered me a full-time job and a house! A house! A house!," repeated a stunned Williams, 71, on local radio station WNCI.

A caller to the show who said she represented the Cavs offered Williams, who shot to stardom after local newspaper the Columbus Dispatch on Monday posted video of his perfectly-pitched panhandling, a full-time job doing voiceover work for the team and parent company and a free home in Cleveland.

The Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, native trained to be a radio announcer before drugs and alcohol ruined his chances at a career, and he was reduced to begging on the side of a road in Columbus, Ohio, before the newspaper found him.

Local police would refer to Williams as "Radio man," when chasing him from his usual begging spots, where he earned around $30 an hour, Williams said.

"I've been out there about a year; I just didn't know anything like this would ever happen," an overwhelmed Williams said earlier in the show. "There's so many words. I've already been compared to [Scottish singing sensation] Susan Boyle ... I'm just so happy."

Before the Cavs made their bid, the station said a group of credit unions offered Williams a contract worth up to $10,000; a caller claiming to rep MTV expressed interest in having him guest-announce a show; and callers who said they were the voiceover actors behind plugs for "The Simpsons" and "Entertainment Tonight" said they wanted him to compete on their upcoming "America's Next Voice" -- where the prize includes a home studio.

For a man suddenly thrust from an Ohio roadside into the hearts of the world, Williams set his sights low.

"Just to get back to some normalcy and responsibility -- If I can a job, whether it's a twenty-five or even $18,000, I'd be happy," he said. "At least I know God has me where he wants me."


Insatiable Whirlpool

Saturday, August 1, 2015

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask the Foo Fighters to come and play in Cesena, Italy.

The reply:

"Hello Cesena. It's David. Hi.
I am sorry I don't speak Italian, just a bit, a bit.
This video, was good! Super nice. Thank you so much.
We're coming, I swear. We'll see each other soon.
Thank you so much. I love you.

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